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The Soulutions Centre?


We offer cutting edge tech tools to support your on your wellness self mastery journey


We treat you as the expert of your own life and work together to design a treatment journey that is uniquely yours and catered towards your unique long term goals.


We have curated a network of holistic wellness experts that we engage to support you with your holistic wellness needs to really amplify your treatment gains. We strive to offer a high level of personalised care to support your to really dig deep to address the root issues in your life that block you from exploring the potential in your life. We also think about the ‘in between’ and not just what happens in your treatment sessions. We realise the real work happens out in your daily life when you are faced with your old programs, behavioural patterns and limitations.

About us.

Our vision

To inspire soul seekers to reclaim their authenticity to live in deeper alignment with themselves, others and our home Earth

Our mission

To provide innovative wellness services that support clients to create their path to  their highest potential and mastery over their wellbeing.

Our wellness collective studio

The Wellness Collective is a space where a holistic health practitioners come together to care for your mind, body, and spirit. We provide a comprehensive experience for clients seeking a more natural and sustainable form of healthcare, and provide the resources for individuals to feel empowered about their health.


We are focused on running a sustainable practice with the Earth in mind.

About you, our client.

Our clients are soul seekers that are curious about what is possible and are willing to invest their time and energy into doing the work in their healing journey.

We are a fit for you if you are a person that is seeking  a customised, supportive and modern soulutions tailored to your unique life and are looking for a collaborative team of innovative wellness practitioners that think outside the box about your wellness needs.

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Meet Arijana, The Soul Authenticator/ Architect

Arijana will inspire you to unlock your unique coding to an authentic life design that is in alignment with your higher self and in the direction of evolution into your highest potential.

I was inspired to create TSC following my own trial and error journey of healing my mind, body and spirit via a blend of western and eastern modalities over several years. It also spurred from my frustrations with the limitations of our healthcare system with the focus on symptom reduction and not really getting to the root cause of imbalances, pain points and dis-ease. I moved to Australia as a refugee from the Balkan War in the 90s. My mind, body and soul had to quickly adapt to a new country and culture while trying to process my uncertain circumstances and future. I know now that this was the beginning of my dark night of the soul. To friends, family and strangers, I appeared well-adjusted. On the inside, I felt deeply disconnected from my authentic self. In pursuing psychology, I discovered tools that would allow me to finally explore questions I had been asking myself for years.

As a student of life, I try to live mindfully and consciously. I practise yoga, scuba dive and am learning to surf. I attempt to make choices that are less harmful to the planet and beneficial to my wider community. Every day is a learning experience.

Aligned to that is my passion to help those with similar goals – people who are trying to better the world, find meaning and purpose, rise above their emotional wounds and create positive long term patterns for living. If this is you, let’s talk.

Arijana’s career has encompassed a number of different mental health settings, including with offenders in prison, witnessing the effects of failure in societal and familial systems to support individuals. In private practice, she previously worked with children and families, unravelling societal and familial conditioning, trauma and attachment systems. She addressed the impact of these elements, with a special focus on how they affected her clients’ world view and sense of self.

Arijana Hostnjak
Clinical Psychologist and Founder,
B Sc (Psych), PG Dip Psych, M Psych (Clin)
Member of APS and ACPA
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