About The Soulutions Centre

Beyond traditional therapy, there’s our evidence-based holistic path.

You may have tried therapy before (and it didn’t really resonate). Or you’re unsure whether therapy’s  multi-dimensional enough for the complexities of your questions. At The Soulutions Centre, we engage not just your mind, but your body and soul too. Each is interlinked. Only by addressing all three, can we find mental, physical and spiritual wellness. 

We overturn the idea that physical and psychological symptoms point to diagnoses that need to be managed and fixed. Instead, we see them as messages – clues that point to areas of growth that need to be faced and healed.

But how do you find space to assess that dissonance and work on becoming more of your authentic self? Most of us are in survival mode by default, hurtling through our days on auto pilot, then unable to fall asleep at night.

This is where we can begin to help. We can guide you to recognise your behavioural and thought patterns. Then we introduce you to practices that tap into neuroplasticity and epigenetics to create positive long term change. Once you find your genuine self, you can work towards consciously shaping the life you truly want to lead.

We view the therapeutic relationship as a sacred and collaborative one, meaning we work together to understand your challenges and how to find your unique path to healing in your life.  

We welcome anyone who is willing to hold an open heart and who wants to embark on the journey of connecting with their inner truth.

It's not psychotherapy. It’s evolving into your potential.

About Arijana

Arijana Hostnjak & The Soulutions Centre

For me this work is personal. My desire to help you in your transformation comes from my own lived experiences my spiritual journey and the steps I took to find my genuine self.

I moved to Australia as a refugee from the Balkan War in the 90s. My mind, body and soul had to quickly adapt to a new country and culture while trying to process my uncertain circumstances and future.

I know now that this was the beginning of my dark night of the soul. To friends, family and strangers, I appeared well-adjusted. On the inside, I felt deeply disconnected from my authentic self. In pursuing psychology, I discovered tools that would allow me to finally explore questions I had been asking myself for years.

As a student of life, I try to live mindfully and consciously. I practise yoga, scuba dive and am learning to surf. I attempt to make choices that are less harmful to the planet and beneficial to my wider community. Every day is a learning experience.


Arijana Hostnjak

Clinical Psychologist and Founder
B Sc (Psych), PG Dip Psych, M Psych (Clin)

Member of APS and ACPA

Aligned to that is my passion to help those with similar goals – people who are trying to better the world, find meaning and purpose, rise above their emotional wounds and create positive long term patterns for living. If this is you, let’s talk.

Arijana’s career has encompassed a number of different mental health settings, including with offenders in prison, witnessing the effects of failure in societal and familial systems to support individuals. In private practice, she previously worked with children and families, unravelling societal and familial conditioning, trauma and attachment systems. She addressed the impact of these elements, with a special focus on how they affected her clients’ world view and sense of self.







Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with couples?

No, I only work with individual clients about relationship difficulties.

Are you licenced?

Yes, I am registered with the Australian Health Regulation Agency as a Clinical Psychologist.

Session Fee Policy

We have a session fee policy around cancelled or not attended appointments. The session time has been set aside for you whether you choose to attend or not. This fee will be yours regardless if you choose to attend. Arrangements can be made via phone or video if you aren't able to attend on the day; notifying us early is the key.

You will need to let us know if the appointment time is no longer suitable for you at least 2 days before in order to avoid being charged the full session fee. If you aren't able to attend on the day, please call us as we can arrange other ways for you to attend your appointment, including by telephone or video link.

We understand that genuine emergencies do occur, so we are willing, when we define a situation as an unavoidable emergency, to waive the session fee charge. Please note this is always at our discretion. Please note that if three sessions in the treatment plan are cancelled without provision of 2 business days notice, we reserve the right to withdraw your treatment. We will discuss this concern with you prior to this occurring. Please note a SMS reminder may be sent three business days prior to your appointment and is sent only as a courtesy. It remains your responsibility to keep a schedule of your appointment times and to notify your psychologist or the admin staff if you can not attend your appointment.

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